Deploy scientific and engineering software using industry standard solutions.

Customise and optimise for your application and apply to your own data.

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The platform provides templates for many scientific and engineering applications which are ready to run in automated processing pipelines, which can be easily adapted to suit your specific application.

Data sources

Existing data sources are cataloged and ready for use in designing and testing software. New data sources can be added and made available for others to use within the community.

Open source

Unlike most web platforms providing software applications, all of the software hosted is open source allowing you complete control and providing you with the freedom to modify and optimise the software as you wish.

Tutorial - Image classification of MNIST dataset

Use machine learning to train a neural network to recognise handwriting.

Image classification is a very typical application of machine learning. In this example, a set of example images containing handwriting of the digits 0-9 are provided as training data. The network is tested on independent data and the results are presented.

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